YPL Morse Pants Free Size


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    Product Features

    Dynamic Weaving

    The product adopts the Italian SANTONI weaving process, and the product is integrally formed, naturally and smoothly. Through long-term scientific research experiments, we have integrated a variety of different functional yarns to form a single thread structure, reject excess thread ends, reduce the friction between the inner seam and the skin, and the non-marking structure shapes the comfort of the product without restricting movement and freedom Comfortable

    U-Shaped Stereo Hip Wrap

    U-shaped three-dimensional hand-held hips, 3D elastic support. The U-shaped buttocks can be used to support the hips manually in a three-dimensional manner to reduce slippage. At the same time, it can intelligently tighten the fat on the waist, buttocks and inner thighs, reshape the golden waist-to-hip ratio, create a sexy smiling buttocks, lift the hips and make the legs thinner, and the waist is more stylish.

    Section weaving targeted shaping technology

    Gradient partial pressure: through different weaving methods, the fabric exerts different pressures on different parts of the body, presenting a gradient partial pressure, providing better support and protection for the muscles

    Segmented weaving: according to different parts of the body, weaving in segments, 360° loop weaving tightens excess fat and enhances sports protection. The waist and legs fit tightly, properly wrapped but not tight, to create a sultry figure.

    Microcapsules Penetration

    The product uses German microcapsules to infiltrate the coffee bean essence components and attach them to the product fibers. The friction between the skin and the fibers during wearing causes the microcapsules to break, and various essences can penetrate the skin deeply. Coffee bean extract can accelerate exercise and burn fat.


    GENDER: Women

    COLOR: Black

    SIZE: Free Size

    OCCASION: Casual/Daily/Workout