Derma-Lac Lotion 200ml

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    This lotion helps stop the cycle of dry skin. It contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids in an easily absorbed formula which helps to deeply moisturise and soften uneven skin texture revealing a well moisturised, improved skin texture and tone.


    • Helps to soften all skin on the body, including rough calloused elbows, heels and feet by supplying and preserving moisture in the skin.
    • Helps to energise tired looking skin giving a visibly improved, more radiant appearance.
    • Supports the natural sloughing of dead skin cells, leaving the skin looking smooth and refreshed.


    How to use:

    1. Apply to your entire body, morning and evening, to help soften and create the appearance of smoother skin.
    2. For the best overall body care, always use with your recommended Environ vitamin A body products.
    3. Combat the feeling of very dry skin and dry climatic conditions by using on the face as an occasional hydrating boost.